✅   Real time economic evaluation

Perform real time economic evaluation of oil and gas assets from development concept through to late-life asset management and abandonment in few clicks.

✅   Smart business decisions in less time

All calculations regardless of complexity are real time, perform asset level economics, consolidate or ring-fence multiple assets, perform multiple sensitivities, Monte Carlo simulations, break-even prices, etc. in few clicks.

✅   Significant cost saving potential

Simple, intuitive, uncluttered, user-friendly and easy-to navigate interface, making it ideal for anyone to use. There is limited or no need for a dedicated analyst.

✅   Easy to use

Can be used by senior executives, asset managers, business planners, business development managers, negotiators, engineers, geologists, economists, and support staff, etc., with great transparency and clarity.

✅    Analysis and optimisation in minutes

Significantly reduce the time it takes to analyse and optimise a portfolio from months to minutes. Interactive data visualisation to help users understand complex economic data, results and trends. 

✅   Auditable and transparent calculations

Auditable and transparent evaluation of portfolio or individual assets in over 70 fiscal regimes (Royalty-Tax Concessions, Production Sharing Contracts [PSCs], Technical Service Contracts, etc.)

PEAMS is a software application for performing real time economic evaluation of upstream petroleum assets. It is unique in its interactive and animated data visualisation capabilities. PEAMS is fast, easy to use, flexible and has a user-friendly interface. It is ideal for acquisitions, divestments, corporate planning, bid round analysis, portfolio modelling, risk analysis, screening opportunities, business investment decisions, etc. PEAMS offer unique features beyond the scope of most spreadsheets models and spreadsheet-based petroleum economics software. 

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