✅   Real time calculations

  • Real time evaluation from development concept through to late-life asset management and abandonment in few clicks.
  • All calculations are fast, auditable and transparent.
  • Users can interact with fiscal regime parameters, production, cost profiles, prices, economic parameters etc. with results shown in multiple charts.
  • Can be used directly during negotiations, meetings, business discussions, presentations, reconciliations, bid rounds, etc. with confidence and clarity.

✅   Easy to use

  • Simple, intuitive, uncluttered, easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface.
  • Ideal for senior executives, negotiators, asset managers, business development managers, engineers, geologists, economists, business analysts, etc. without any specialist training.
  • Fiscal regime data, profiles, prices, economic parameters are all on the same interface.
  • Users can easily visualise and understand the effects of input data (production, costs, prices, fiscal regime parameters, etc.) on economic results (NPVs, IRRs, Payback Periods, etc.).

✅   Asset Level and Portfolio Evaluations

  • Use PEAMS for well by well, asset/field level or portfolio level economics.
  • Create multiple hierarchies of assets with few clicks, consolidate / ring-fence multiple assets and view results with multiple charts and graphical animations.
  • Perform portfolio optimisation, understand/minimise the effect of project delays and cost overruns of individual assets on entire portfolio.
  • Perform sensitivities, risk analysis, Monte-Carlo simulations on individual assets or entire portfolio.

✅   Sensitivities

  • Perform sensitivities on fiscal regime parameters, costs, prices, production volumes in few clicks.
  • Evaluate breakeven prices at multiple discount rates, minimum economics volumes, etc. with minimal effort.
  • Easily incorporate risks into your evaluations.
  • Generate creaming curves for assets in your portfolio and quickly identify key value drivers

✅   Monte Carlo Simulations

  •  Assign probability distributions (Triangular, Normal, Log-Normal, etc.) to Production Volumes, Capex, Opex and Prices.
  • Run hundreds of thousands of Monte-Carlo simulations in few minutes.
  • View resulting probability distributions with pre-defined KPI  arameters such as NPVs, ROR, Discounted Profitability Index [DPIs].

✅   Interactive Data Visualisation

  • Built-in interactive dashboard that facilitates quick comparison of input data and economic results of single or several assets.
  • Compare input data / results from up to hundreds of thousands of data points in multiple charts with stunning animations.
  • Perform sensitivities on several assets directly on the dashboard and view results real time.
  • Generate high quality PDF reports and/or save results directly to Excel at any stage during the calculation process.

✅   Seamless Excel Interface

  • Built-in spreadsheet which can be automatically interfaced with external Excel sheet containing user’s profiles.
  • Prepare production, cost profiles, etc. in Excel, load, run analysis and view results real time in PEAMS with a single click.
  • Alternatively, prepare all profiles entirely in PEAMS and export all data (profiles and results) to Excel with a single click.
  • Fully flexible input profiles, users can make profiles simple, detailed or granular.

✅   Over 70+ Fiscal Regimes

  • Over 70 Fiscal Regimes currently modelled across over 50 countries.
  • Royalty-Tax Concessions, Production Sharing Contracts [PSCs], Risk/Technical Service Contracts [RSCs/TSCs], Buy Back Contracts, etc.
  • Can be tailor-made as a bespoke application for clients within a short time frame.

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